Kalee is unbelievably organized, responsible, and reliable. She is an amazing listener and communicator to ensure your day is about you two and provides the best options and advice that goes into every little and big decision. Kalee took so much off our plate. I couldn’t have planned our wedding without her. She always remembered every detail we wanted to incorporate. The monthly meetings made our wedding planning so much fun and mitigated stress. Working with Kalee was one of the best decisions we have ever made!! I am a very organized person who loves planning as well but she goes above and beyond so even if you are organized I highly recommend you still work with Kalee!! You will be so thankful and forever grateful for her. She makes sure you both enjoy your day and makes you her number one priority. Even if little things come up (my husbands boutonnière broke) she was able to magically fix it. She knows all the tricks of the trade. She is someone you can always turn to during your wedding and will MAKE IT HAPPEN 👏. There wasn’t one thing I would change or do differently at our wedding because she remembered everything while we were enjoying the moment. You will be so thankful to have Kalee in your life! BOOK her now because she does book out!! THANK YOU KALEE FOR EVERYTHING ❤️

DaleySeptember 2023

Kalee is absolutely fantastic!! She was a amazing to work with - organized, responsive, proactive, supportive, and genuine. She had a great system to manage all of our vendors and workflow, and we had a clear set of goals and deadlines that she helped ensure we met. She was flexible with us when we changed our venue, was accessible for questions, and went above and beyond to help us have the best wedding we could have hoped for! We absolutely recommend Kalee. Thank you so much, Kalee!!

DianeAugust 2023

Don't think twice, you need to hire Kalee! Even if your venue has a point person or coordinator (ours did), they will not devout the amount of attention to detail that you need for your big day. Kalee has been a good friend of mine for many years, so I had no doubt she would be organized, thoughtful, and kind throughout the process. She was that, and so much more! I hired Kalee as a day of coordinator but she went well above and beyond that title. We met on a monthly basis starting in April for my September wedding. Kalee got me thinking of things early on that I didn't even realize I needed for my wedding. Kalee has such a calming presence that when wedding planning felt super hectic, I felt completely at ease after chatting with her. On the wedding weekend, she was there for all of my needs. She made sure everything was running on time, had fashion tape, bobby pins, and hair spray at the ready, and made sure there was always a drink in my hand throughout the night! Though Kalee is based in CT where we grew up, she is more than willing to travel so don't rule her out if you are getting married in another state--we were in Maine! I know weddings are already wildly expensive, but Kalee is worth every penny. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

JenniferSeptember 2022

Kalee is an absolute joy but she is most importantly an incredible communicator, organizer and detail oriented person. There is no way we would have been able to execute the wedding we wanted without her and working with her was hands down the best investment for a smooth and fun event for both myself and now husband as well as our guests!!! We made a major change to our ceremony at the rehearsal and Kalee was so gracious, helpful and honest about considerations for making it work. We got so many compliments from guests and it was because of Kalee's ability to put all the puzzle pieces together and make our night amazing!!! I would hire Kalee a million times over and if you're even considering it, do it!!!

KathrynJune 2023

As all of Kalee’s couples have said, there are truly no words worthy enough to encompass our amazing experience working with Kalee (I’ve started to type this review then scrapped it several times already). Choosing her as our wedding planner was the best decision we made. Our wedding would not been as special as it was without her. I always knew I wanted Kalee as my wedding planner even before I was engaged. I’ve followed her journey from Farmington Gardens to building her own business that is KM Events. Having a few classes with her in college as well, I knew Kalee was super organized and detail-oriented. My style is very clean and elegant, and I knew Kalee was the one who’d successfully breathe life to my vision. We hired Kalee as our day of planner for our 2023 June wedding, but there was nothing “day of” about her services. She was with us every step of the way. She coordinated meetings and discussions with all our vendors, asked questions we didn’t even think to take into account, created our entire wedding timeline, and helped decorate our venue. Kalee was a quick problem solver whether it was regarding timeline issues, puzzling decor concerns, or personal dilemmas we had at the time. She was also so supportive, kind, and she handled everything with impressive grace. She’s truly a professional. Kalee is the person you’d want in your corner, not just during the planning process but on your big day as well! The weather for my wedding was pretty unpredictable: there was sunshine at first, then rain, thunder, and lighting. Needless to say I was freaking out. I desperately wanted my ceremony to be outside for that beautiful lake view. Kalee helped me relax and feel calm. I was being pressured to make a decision about having my ceremony inside pretty early on in the day. Kalee stepped in and worked with the venue’s general manager to wait until the very last minute for a decision. And I was so happy she did because the rain held off until AFTER my ceremony! With Kalee’s help, I was able to have the ceremony I envisioned. If you want someone who is organized, professional, detail-oriented, and a skilled problem solver, Kalee is it. She listens to what you want for your big day and how you want it to look and feel, and she brings it to life. She really goes above and beyond. If Kalee is available on your wedding date, hire her right away!!!

ShailaJune 2023

I will try to put into words what an incredible impact Kalee had on our wedding, and really our entire engagement. Kalee was absolutely fabulous – best money we spent. She helped us through every decision and milestone, and made thoughtful recommendations for vendors and experiences. She has an incredible network. We used her for the full planning experience, and met monthly to talk through the big day. This helped us SO much - it made planning much more manageable to handle with everything else going on in our lives. Kalee was able to bring our vision to life, and we truly couldn’t have pulled off the wedding that we had without her valuable experience and knowledge. I’m a very organized person and I love to plan, but having Kalee on our team made everything run so smoothly. She kept us so calm the day of, and helped make important weather calls, set up/drop off coordination, etc so that we could fully enjoy our big day. She is budget friendly and conscious. I am so glad that we hired her, and we can’t thank her enough for every email, phone call, meeting, bustle, cocktail hour food-stealing, and check-up. We love you, Kalee!

JessicaNovember 2022

I consider my mom and I probably the least decisive people in the entire world, but choosing Kalee to help us plan the most perfect day was the easiest decision to make!!! Kalee is professional, kind, organized and EXTREMELY adaptable--which is everything I needed and more while trying to plan a wedding the same time I was graduating, starting residency and moving states every few months. Kalee stayed so on top of every part of the process that nothing ever felt stressful, all the way down to the day of. Kalee helped me bring my vision to life (and also helped me bring my mom's vision to life for my bridal shower) even when we weren't sure what our vision was!! There were so many times that I changed my mind about a decision we had already made (like wanting to book a band after already having booked a DJ 3 months before the wedding day) and Kalee always supported my decisions and swiftly made changes. I always felt reassured and supported by Kalee and trusted her more than myself. I knew that Kalee would always give me her honest opinion and im so grateful for that! Lastly, can we just say that this rockstar of a woman had a freaking BABY and only took 4 weeks off to make sure she was back to support her fall brides?!?! and during that process, she still made sure she was reachable through her amazing assistant as well. I'm so grateful to Kalee and I would recommend her 100000 times over. THANK YOU KALEE!! ❤️

NicoleOctober 2022

The team at KM Events, LLC made my wedding day perfect, and I cannot thank them enough. Kalee is absolutely fantastic! She has a calm and kind personality which is so comforting throughout the entire planning process and especially on the big day itself. She is organized, reliable, smart, friendly and she has a great eye for detail. She also has a vast knowledge of the wedding industry and knows how to keep a day running smoothly. My bridal party and parents have all made positive comments to me about how helpful and awesome Kalee was during the wedding. If you are planning an event and are considering hiring a coordinator, I would definitely recommend hiring Kalee at KM Events; I promise you will be happy you did. I am so thankful to have had her with me throughout the process and I don't know how I would've pulled my event off without her!

LauraDecember 2022

I’ve waited so long to write this review because I could not honestly find the right words to use. And I am very confident that I will never be able to put into words how great Kalee truly was to us. Using Kalee and her team was the absolute best decision we’ve ever made. And that was made very clear from the moment after that first contact email with her. Kalee is prompt in each response, she is thorough and leaves no detail unturned. She checked in with us monthly for an entire year prior to our wedding. I am a very organized individual and thought I had everything under control. And it never failed, each meeting she would bring up a question or detail about our big day that I would have never even thought about prior. These qualities only stem from true experience and passion from within the field; KM events demonstrate these traits exceptionally well. The weeks leading up to the wedding, I felt most at ease because Kalee had taken over all contact with our vendors leaving me with minimal last-minute timeline questions to stress about. She even offered to run errands for us such as picking up any final items. Kalee and her team met with us at our final venue meeting and had the most enormous checklist/day of timeline I’ve ever seen. Everything was under control and planned out to the minute. Kalee listened to us from the very beginning allowing us to share our vision for the big day. When it came down to the final selections and decision fatigue had fully set in, Kalee and her team were quick to step in and help with the last-minute decisions such as table numbers and cocktail centerpieces. KM events truly took the time to get to know us as a couple and it certainly showed. The day of went perfect and I owe that all to Kalee and her team. She started the morning by not only decorating our venue space perfectly; but she picked up flowers from our florist and brought them to our getting ready spots. She calmed our nerves with her relaxed attitude and words of wisdom. At the venue, she took control and set a standard for all our vendors to follow. Each of our vendors commented on how much of a pleasure KM events were to work with and how much easier everything went due to her coordination. KM events continued to show their greatness even after the wedding. They had packed up all our décor at the end of the reception, leaving us with absolutely nothing to worry about once the party ended. The next morning her team brought all our décor to our house and neatly arranged everything within our garage. She even then rearranged our entire fridge to fit all our left-over cupcakes and cutting cake so they would be fresh when we returned from our honeymoon. It was such a relief to come home to an organized garage and treats in the fridge. I can’t say enough about Kalee and her team. She was the best thing about our day. She has the most positive attitude in the world and advocated for us throughout the entire process. She took the time to listen to me vent/meltdown and always came up with quick and reasonable solutions. Kalee is the best coordinator in her field, do not hesitate to book.

TrishaSeptember 2022

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